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High Quality Parts Direct from Japan

Through our extensive network here in Japan, we have carefully selected 250 of the very best products on offer. From everyday essentials such as air-conditioning components, Japanese specific accessories to high quality replacement parts for your mini, we've got it covered.  Unless stated, all items have been engineered, tested and made locally in Japan to provide a durable product similar to those seen on the latest automobiles.


In association with our suppliers, unless stated, we supply any of the parts listed for next day shipping, or for collection from our location in western Tokyo. For piece of mind, we have included links to our Instagram & Facebook accounts for a number of featured products, with English translations (where applicable) of fitting instructions included with every order.


All of our products are available for shipping worldwide. To order, simply send us an email with the product ID & desired quantity. We will calculate the total costs and get back to you in a timely manner.