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  • Rear Quarter Window Electric Kit

    With air-conditioning becoming a standard option on post 1993 JDM cars, the rear quarter window found on cars destined for the Japanese market differ to those on the overseas market in that they came with a sealed window as standard from the factory. A common mod is therefore to retro-fit the open/close style rear quarter window.

    For the overseas market where air-conditioning wasn't standard, this electric kit is a unique modification allowing the driver to open and close the rear quarter windows with the press of a button while driving the open road.

  • Rear Quarter Window Electric Kit for Post 1996

  • Control Switch located on centre

The kit comes in two variants for pre-1995 models and post 1996 models, attaching directly to the window catch. Due to slight modifications to the C-pillar in post 1996 cars, components and fitting instructions differ slightly between the years.

On eariler models, the motor is hidden out-of-sight, fixed on the underside of the rear parcel shelf. For later cars, the motors are directly attached to the rear bins. Removal of the rear seats is required regardless of age, however slight modifications are required to fit either kit.

Once fitted, the ideal location for the control box is on the cross member next to the drivers seat. Both kits include detailed fitting instructions in English. Applicable to both RHD & LHD cars. Please state the year of your car at the time of order. 

Developed & made in Japan

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