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    From Le Mans to Daytona, Monte Carlo to Finland, Marchal headlamps have been associated with motorsport since the mid twentieth century. The French company with a black cat as a mascot supplied lights to legendary classics such as the Porsche 917k and Ford GT40. The French feline however fell by the wayside and was almost lost to time, only to be resurrected by a Japanese company that purchased the rights to the Marchal brand in 2009.

The re-emergence of the Marchal brand was primarily intended for JDM heavyweights such as the Hakosuka, Kenmeri and Datsun 240Z. Measuring 180mm in diameter, these Marchal H4 headlamps are available in both clear and yellow lenses, fitting the mini without the need for any alterations. Note, the headlight pattern is for left-hand traffic. Purchases from outside of Japan are at the buyers own risk. Park lamp also included as required by law in most regions.

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