• Name
  • Air Conditioning Thermostat

    Located directly above the lower dash rail, the function of the thermostat is to monitor and regulate the operating temperatures of the evaporator/blower. With a number of symptons indicating a fault with the thermostat, the most common is no cold air, and/or clicking noise form the compressor - a result of the magnetic clutch not engaging. Attached to the AC's wiring loom, simply remove the left sided air vent from the dashboard for easy access.  

  • Old type Thermostat

  • Thermostat Location

Up until only a few years ago, all available thermostats were the standard OEM type. In collaboration with a local company [supplier to a premium Japanese car brand], the new type thermostat and resistor are newly updated with a digital circuit board. Regardless of the current condition of the original, these new digital versions provide piece of mind during the hot summer months.

Developed and made in Japan.

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Product ID: #JQL100020