• Name
  • Air Conditioning Resistor

    Located on the underside of the evaporator/blower, the resistor is responsible for controlling the fan speed of the air-conditioning system. Prone to wear, a faulty resistor - either rusty and/or burnt out, will disrupt the speed of the air flow, typically operating only at a single speed. Fixed by a single screw, troubleshooting a faulty resistor is quick and simple, and can be judged by physical appearance alone.

  • Location on the evaporator

  • r12 Type Coil

Up until only a few years ago, all resistors were the standard coil type. In collaboration with a local company [supplier to a premium Japanese car brand], the new type resistor and thermostat are newly updated with a digital circuit board. Regardless of the current condition of the original, these new digital versions provide piece of mind during the hot summer months.

Available for both R12 and 134a units. 134a units typically have the rotary wheel type control unit. Developed and made in Japan.

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Product ID: #FA45200-04040