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  • Heavy Duty Outer CV Joint Boots

    Designed to protect the outer CV joint from dirt and moisture, exposure to the elements over time causes the rubber to turn brittle, and thus cracking and/or splitting. Grease leaking from the boot is the most common sympton, and easy to spot with a physical inspection. Developed and tested rigorously, our heavy duty outer CV joint boots are manufactured in Japan using a high quality rubber.

  • Brittle Rubber Boot [GSV1053]

  • Exchanged in Oct. 2017 [RGV2019-s]

Tested for longevity, our heavy duty outer CV joint boots suit all models with disc brakes, including: Cooper S, 1275GT and all models from 1984 onwards. Includes 50g of grease and metal ties. Requires 2pcs per car. Made in Japan.

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Product ID: #rgv2019-s