• Name
  • Potentiometer

    The TPS, or throttle potentiometer sensor, is a small black plastic component that bolts directly to the SPI's throttle body. It operates using a mechanical lever to determine the opening angle of the throttle. Discontinued some time ago in the UK, the original measures the current [voltage] via electrical resistance, which over time is prone to corrosion and/or oxidization.

  • Inside of the orignal TPS

  • Uses original bracket to attach

This latest release uses a non-contact electromagnetic hall sensor to measure the current. As there is no wear on the physical parts, the sensor is less prone to failure and is designed to work in all environments. Identical to the original design, the potentiometer attaches to the throttle body using the original bracket. Note, readings can only be taken when the ignition is on.

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Product ID: #mmj10003