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  • 45mm Big Throttle Body

    Providing a boost in responsiveness and power, our 45mm big throttle body has an increased diameter of roughly 10% over the original for increased air-flow. Easy to fit, the modified throttle body keeps the original look while enhancing the minis performance. In combination with our adjustable fuel pressure regulator, the big throttle body offers good mid-range torque and fuel efficiency. Gains in the region of 10 to 20bhp can be expected with some additional light tuning.

  • High Quality Gaskets Included

  • Titan Roller Rockers

"I have used other aftermarket throttle bodies and manifolds over the years, but none of them interact with my SPI systems like this. It works well with the standard injector and can be tweaked accordingly using the adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This throttle body also works seamlessly with the standard stepper motor, purge valve and engine breathers. I highly recommend this product and have had nothing but positive experiences in the two years I have been running it."

W.Hannah (Australia)

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