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  • Inlet Manifold Repair Kit

    Found on the underside of the throttle body, the inlet manifold steel pipes connect to the bypass hose (short) and lower hose (long) of the SPI cooling system. Prone to rust and/or corrosion, leaks are common. This inlet manifold repair kit is made from stainless steel and is a direct replacement for the original steel pipes. The kit includes: a short pipe, a long pipe with clamp, and 3x core plugs. 

  • Stainless Steel Pipes on a Refurbished Inlet Manifold...

  • Stainless Steel Core Plugs...

Requires basic knowledge to exchange the pipes using a handheld burner, degreasing and cleaning of the waterways. Small amount of epoxy adhesive also required. For those who prefer a fully refurbished inlet manifold with a used PTC heater, please contact for details.

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