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  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

    The adjustable fuel pressure regulator (AFPR) is designed for a single purpose, to offset the air fuel imbalance for those with modified/tuned engines - particularly at high revs or under load. A direct replacement for the original, the AFPR is built for maximum efficency, assisting power increases by using the negative pressure from the throttle to change the fuel pressure by a maximum of 0.4kgs/cm². Fitted, the pressure regulator has no impairment at idle speed.

  • Before Installation

  • May require small incision

Includes spring seat, a single rubber hose and fitting instructions. Depending on the set-up, may require a small incision in the air filter housing to connect the vaccum hose from the regulator to the inlet manifold. Suitable for cars that have a big throttle body and/or uprated camshaft. Fits both SPI & MPI.

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