• Name
  • Crystal Mini

    A very rare and collectable item, the origins of this crystal mini are relatively unknown, however they were produced after the Frankfurt Motor show in September 1999 to celebrate the minis accolade of becoming the European car of the 20th Century. Measuring approximately 80mm in length and 50mm in width, these beautifully crafted crystals were presented as a gift to select owners from Rover Japan dealers. 

  • European Car of the 20th Century

  • Unboxed Crystal Mini

The outer sleeve has the infamous original sketch of the mini by Sir Alec Issigonis. Carefully remove the sleeve to unveil the box within, which opens from the top. Inside the foam padded box is a personalised letter, and a padded stand with European car of the 20th century plaque, for display purposes. Unused and stored locally for over 20yrs, this item is in immaculate condition. Perfect for a collector or Mini specialist.

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