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  • Heavy Duty Windscreen Seal Set

    Made from high quality Japanese rubber, our heavy duty windscreen seal set has been redesigned to provide a strong, durable product that prevents water leaks. During the manufacturing process, the two ends of convential rubber seals are joined together with a strong adhesive. The hot Japanese climate however means the condition of the rubber seal quickly deteriorates, thus shrinking and splitting at the join, allowing water to enter the seam and rust to form. To eradicate this issue, Japanese made seals are welded together, forming a single, water tight seal.

Based on the factory OEM part, the front windscreen seal is the wider type used predominately on post 1991 cars. Through many reiterations, a number of improvements have been made to both the narrow and wider u-shape areas, allowing for better adhesion with the windscreen and body of the car. A longer edge also makes it more difficult for water to penetrate the seal.

Condition of the surrounding areas paintwork and any leftover adhesive will have a direct affect on installation. Be sure to clean all surfaces and repair any body imperfections prior to fitting.

Set includes 1x heavy duty front windscreen rubber seal, 1x chrome insert (front), 1x heavy duty rear window rubber seal, 1x chrome insert (rear).

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