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  • Bosch Injector

    In response to more stringent emissions standards, Rover's hand was forced to ditch the carburetor in order to prolong the life of the mini. Rolling off the assembly line as of late 1991, all models thereafter intended for the Japanese market came as standard with single point injection. Referred to as an SPI, the new fuel injection minis used a Bosch injector (part no.: 0-280-150-682) which had a flow rate of 680cc/min.

  • Part No.: 0-280-150-682

  • In-situ with the throttle body

Over an extended period of time, the spray pattern and fuel flow rate can be altered by the build-up of carbon, sludge or dirt and debris. With the injectors no longer available, these units have been ultra-sonically cleaned, tested and refurbished with new seals, pintle cap and filters. Discounts available for part exchange.

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