• Name
  • Expansion Tank

    Discontinued some time ago in the UK, the expansion tank is part of the complex cooling system found on all injection models. Located within the near-side wheel well, the tank is fixed to the inner wing with a single bolt, and designed to fit snugly on the suspensions mounting bracket. Connected to the radiator by a thin rubber hose, the expansion tank maintains an equilibrium [of pressure] in the primary cooling system by absorbing excess coolant when hot.

For the cooling system to work effectively, it needs to be sealed. An incorrect radiator cap (16psi) or cracks in the expansion tank due to ageing are the most common issues associated with a broken seal, causing coolant levels to drop. In rare circumstances, the expansion tank may simply not be present. Can be installed in-situ, but does require working in tight spaces.

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Product ID: #pcf10097