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  • ERA Turbo Leather Steering Wheel

    Not only was the ERA turbo the fastest mini ever produced, the high finish grey leather interior by prominent British manufacturer Connelly leather gave a whiff of luxury to the Mini. Front and centre of those MG Metro seats, the ERA turbo leather stering wheel measures 13 inches in diameter and is complete with a Turbo horn push. Of the projected 500 cars to be made, producted stopped at 436, making the ERA turbo one of the rarest models in the minis forty-one year history.

  • ERA Turbo Centre Horn

  • ERA Turbo Leather Interior

Regardless of the limited numbers, the ERA turbo was not immune to customization on arrival to Japan. The exact history of this leather steering wheel is unknown, however it was purchased by us after being stored locally for a number of years. Condition is listed as good with few markings.

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