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    Due to the intense summer heat, this 3-in-1 electric fan control kit is a popular addition to prevent the mini from overheating. With the injection model using an 88c thermostat as standard, a high running temperature is maintained at all times. Therefore, any abnormalities, high outdoor temperatures and/or excessive load on the engine, can increase the possibility of the engine overheating. This simple set-up provides full control over the temperature at which the electric fan is activated, and then de-activated. 

The fan switch (GVS104), found at the bottom of the radiator, is disconnected and replaced with a sensor in the bypass hose. The close proximity to other sensors in the inlet manifold allows for easy installation and a more accurate reading. The sleek compact design of the control unit fits snugly in place of the ashtray (injection model) and can display one of: the water temperature, oil temperature (optional), battery voltage, all at the touch of a button. Includes English fitting instructions and a wiring diagram.

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