• Name
  • High Quality OEM Ball Joint Kit

    Based on the OEM spec ball joint kit used by Rover at Longbridge between 1985 and 2000, this high quality OEM ball joint kit has been re-engineered for an estimated lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Not since the noughties when Unipart ceased manufacturing an OEM spec ball joint kit, has the kit seen a comprehensive makeover.

  • An enlarged grease duct for better lubrication

  • Wide range of washers with varying thickness

Unlike our maintenance free ball joints, this high quality OEM ball joint kit includes: a wide range of washers of varying thicknesses, an updated spring seat, an enlarged grease duct for better lubrication and a high quality dust boot with lip to prevent rips, tears and leaks. With each part made to precision, the ball joint now cups the pivot point perfectly for a smooth, trouble free rotation.

Requires 2pcs per car.

Developed and made in Japan.

Product ID: #GSJ166-oem

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