• Name
  • Heavy Duty Oil Filter Case

    Pinpointing the number one cause of oil leaks on automatics, this heavy duty oil filter case been re-engineered to prevent over torquing on installation. Made from aluminium, this filter head & case combo is a direct replacement for the original and is suitable for the standard paper filter.

  • Pressure relief valve increased to 1.8kgs

  • 1/8 PPT screw hole for temperature sensor

Among a number of improvements, the pressure required for the relief valves to open has been increased from 1.0kg to 1.8kgs, thus preventing oil from bypassing the filter at low temperatures and/or when the oils viscosity is at its highest.

Tested to extreme temperatures (140C) on the circuit, the filter head has a built-in 1/8PT screw hole for fitting a temperature sensor. While not fundamental for everyday driving, having the ability to monitor the oil temparature is a key component to a healthy, long lasting engine/transmission.

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