• Name
  • CV Joint Gaiter

    Designed to protect the outer CV joint from dirt and moisture, exposure to the elements over time causes the rubber to turn brittle, and thus cracking and/or splitting. Grease leaking from the gaiter is the most common sympton, and easy to spot with a physical inspection. Developed and tested rigorously, our heavy duty CV joint gaiters are manufactured in Japan using a high quality rubber.

  • Brittle Rubber Boot [GSV1053]

  • Exchanged in Oct. 2017 [RGV2019-s]

Tested for longevity, our heavy duty CV joint gaiters suit all models with disc brakes, including: Cooper S, 1275GT and all models from 1984 onwards. Includes 50g of grease and metal ties. Requires 2pcs per car. Made in Japan.

Product ID: #rgv2019-s

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