• 1963 Morris Mini Minor Mk1

    ¥1,580,000 ono

This original Mk1 Morris Mini has seen 2 owners since new with the current owner purchasing the vehicle from the original owner in 1996, thereafter spending three years rebuilding the engine and exterior. The car has been re-built and maintained for the last 15 years by an associate of the owner, who ensures the vehicle is in excellent condition. The floorpans, undercarriage and usual rust spots were dealt with (changed) in the original rebuild 15 years ago, however the vehicle still retains the original mk1 body, including the doors, from 1963.

Door Hinges - A classic feature of the orignial mk 1 & 2 minis back in the swinging sixties 

The original 850cc engine and gearbox have been upgraded to a 1275cc to give it more power for the modern driver, with an air-conditioning unit also installed to provide ultimate comfort. The engine starts first time with a single click with a beautiful sounding single weber carburetor.

1275 A-Series Engine - Providing a little more grunt for the modern day driver

All electricals and paintwork for the Morris Mini have since been redone in 2010, thus meaning the paintwork is only 5 years old. No major rust to report on the vehicle, with the floorpans and underside rust proofed with tar. Paintchips however can't be avoided, and images of this are available for potential buyers to view.

Paint Chip - small paint chip on the passenger side

The current owner reports some issues with the odometer cable, thus meaning it hasn't been working for a while with the new 1275 engine. With the vehicle only driven at weekends and to Mini meetups in Malaysia, the owner anticipates the vehicle hasn't dome much more than 50,000kms. The current owner does not like to drive it in the rain, hence the immaculate paintwork. The owner has also given assurances that this vehicle has never been involved in any accidents.

Bling Bling - Beautiful exterior

Regarding the interior and exterior, The current owner has taken lots of time and money to maintain this vehilce which has all the mk1 markings, sliding windows, external hinges, the mustache and wavy grille, spotlights front and back, working footwell spotlight switch and a number plate light for the boot. Door handles and boot handles are all from the original car before the rebuild, as well as the hanging number plate.

All original mk1 Body

The seats are taken from a Rover Mini Cooper with original black and red trim. The owner has tried to maintain the classic original mk1 look, while adding some modern comforts for the interior, such as the air-conditioning unit.

Well maintained interior with air conditiong for the modern driving experience

View the full set of images over on Flickr!

Payments & SHipping

This vehicle is currently stored in Malaysia, with prospective buyers free to discuss with the seller directly.

Only International bank transfers (TT) will be accepted for payment of the vehicle, shipping and any other applicable services.

Shipping of this vehicle can be arranged worldwide either by ro-ro or container.

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